Digital Marketing Productivity Software Package

Ad Performance is a suite of online tools which helps digital marketing agencies operate more efficiently.
- Dashboards for paid and organic channels
- Link building platform
- Adwords Scripts Manager; our innovative solution for centralizing all the adwords scripts and making it easy to re-use them for new clients.
- Google Shopping Campaign Generator; Use any feed (xml or csv) to generate your Google Shopping campaigns in campaign, adgroup and product level.

We offer white label dashboard solutions to agencies. So companies can offer marketing dashboards to their clients under their own domain or sub-domains with own brands. Read more about our white label marketing dashboard solution here.

The easy way of keeping an eye on your internet marketing campaigns

View real time data from any device
Receive warnings in case of account issues
Budget optimization advice
Monitor competition
Detect keyword opportunities
Share the performance reports with your colleagues or clients
Avoid Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) 90 days limitation
Upload your cost data to Analytics
KPI Dashboard

Watch our dasboard tool in action!

Creating a Facebook dashboard in a few clicks

Below video shows how easy it is to create a Facebook dashboard in just a few clicks.

Monitoring and reporting platform for your internet marketing campaigns

We make sure your campaigns run smooth, monitor competition and include KPI dashboard for easy reporting. Your advertising channels are scanned daily for the budget constraints (over or under spending), for the KPI targets to make sure they're still within range.

Your accounts are monitored for any issues

  • Conflicting negative keywords
  • Steep drops in campaigns
  • Broken URLs in ad links
  • Forces for best practices such as mobile ads etc…
  • Identifies Keywords and Ads wasting your budget
  • Daily email alerts are sent including the summary of the issues found.

Budget & Spend overview

  • Overview of spending per channel
  • Advice spend
  • Email alerts in case of over or under spending

Keyword Opportunities

Advice on keyword opportunities generated by your organic search results and potential impressions

KPI Dashboards for Adwords, Analytics, Facebook, Bing and more...

  • Quick loading KPI dashboards present real time information.
  • Multi-user environment for inviting colleagues or sharing KPI dashboards only

Competition tracking, see what other players are doing

Competition is monitored daily, competing domain, ad title and rank information available for the keywords of choice.

Google Webmaster Tools 90 days limitation

Google Webmaster tools (or Google Search Console with its new name) makes your data available for 90 days backwards, which is 27-Jun-2023 as of today. Your data for 26-Jun-2023 is no longer available. Our platform also addresses this issue. AdPerformance will be storing and periodically updating your Search Console data so you can access historical data any time in the future. We also provide smart filtering for search queries and landing pages to be able to focus on the terms / pages those matter the most. Dashboards are generated with these filters. Branding vs generic search dashboard is also generated according to your brand filter input.